Thursday, 19 April 2018

What a TWanker!

Wednesday 18th April
The rules are nice eye candy.

                                            We just about had a fool house out at sunny garvald this evening with six of the seven Gothenburg Gamers turning up for a no holds barred game of What A Tanker from the Two Fat Lardies stable.
Another village in another war.

Bill's hiding place.

My beautiful Stug.
                                           The game is a straight forward tank against tank game which involves rollin six dice and trying to get your tank to take out the other guy before he does the same to you.Every dice roll gives you a chance to do a certain action.I.e to move you need roll a one,to acquire a target you need to roll a two,to aim you need to roll a three,to shoot you need to roll a four and to reload you need to roll a five.Finally a six gives you the chance to do anyone of the moves.
What could be more simple.In fact it is simple.

Mr Ray's chariot.

The accoutrements of the game.
                                                     The tanks were divvied up between four of us with Dave O'Brien and myself taking the role of German tank commanders whilst Mr Ray and Bill Gilchrist were encumbered with British Shermans.Chief skulker Donald took the part of the umpire as Colin had to dash away to deal with a minor problem.Both of them would become involved in the game later on much to everybody else's despair.
Mr Ray's tanking surveying the scene.
Dave's chosen weapon of war.

Donald's black Panzer.I think he would have preferred black and white stripes.
 As luck would have it I started the game off thanks to the highest roll on the initial activation dice roll but only rolled decent  one dice to help me move so I slowly crawled towards the enemy.And so the game began as usual very cagey with everyone trying to get into a spot where they could take a potshot without getting potted themselves.
Bill's Sherman about to do or die.

Mr Ray ducking and driving.

Watch this Bill.

Another view of Donald's tank.
                                                             Bill deciding against the norm decided to move into the open and attempt to deal with Dave's Panzer which was lurking behind a wood due to a lack of movement dice.He finally made it out into the open giving Bill a clear shot but he missed the barn door.This just ruffled Dave's feathers and so when he replied Bill's tank went up in a puff of smoke.
And Bill's off!

"Catch this"

"Booyah!"(in German)
                                                                  Mr Ray decided in his infinite wisdom to hide behind the cover of the village but that wasn't going to stop me flushing him out and perform the coup de grace.
   That's when my dice roll started to play up for although I rolled perfect activation dice when I tried to destroy him luck wasn't having it.
Not a mark in sight.

Mr Ray backing up.

Not letting him get away even although I couldn't hit him for toffee.

So he hides behind the hedge.


Dave edges up.
                                                                Colin arrived back home,his good deed done and immediately took possession of a Sherman Firefly which has a big gun and was going to prove fatal to the three German tanks as Donald was about to find out as he was the first German tank to come into Colin's sights.I think Donald should have stuck to umpiring.
Colin's tank arrives to deal out some trouble.

"Now you see him"


"Now you don't!"
                                                                Sure enough after a few targeting rounds Colin fired for effect Donald's tank was the next on the casualty list with a plume of black smoke billowing from his Panzer.Poor Donald couldn't find anywhere to hide never mind skulk.
Dave about to waste Mr Ray's Sherman.

And he does!
                                                                      Dave and I decided to flush Mr Ray's tank out but he kept reversing eventually ending up in a field using a hedge for cover.I fired a few shots at him but it didn't cause him anything more than a scratch.This was playing into Dave's hands as he crawl ever so nearer in order to catch Mr Ray in the side.This he did eventually causing Mr Ray's tank to erupt  into smoke and flame.
Colin moves out.

And creeps into town.

Much to my annoyance.
                                     After Colin had dispatched Donald's tank he edged ever so near to our tanks so I decided to try and hit him from long distance giving Dave ample opportunity  to move up and hopefully end the arrogance of this interloper.Great plan but alas Colin had other ideas.I managed to hit him but it was just a flesh wound to quote Monty Python.After warding off that hit he decided to fire back turning my tank into a mass of molten metal.
Looking to finish the game.

Dave hangs on.
                                                      Dave was trying to edge his way nearer Colin's tank and the both of them danced their way around each other firing off shots at each other before Dave's luck took a tumble and eventually went the same way as the rest of the German tanks.
High noon in a French village.

The inevitable happens

And it's home for tea.
                                                          Homefield victory for Colin and well worth it.
                                      A great game played to the Gothenburg Gamers' high standards which mean not too seriously.The rules were easy to follow and I think they are good for a quick fill in game.Once again all figures,scenery and scenario provided by Colin Jack who once again surpassed himself with the provision of a delicious repast.
                                                   Hopefully see you all next week when we head out to wilds of Bellesquarry for a Musket and Tomahawk venture.Can't wait.                      

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Schnitzel Smorgasbord

                Wednesday 11th April
"Who decided to play another game in this wretched snow?"
                                                       "Hey Tim"
                                                        "Yes David"
                                                        "How do you fancy a game from the 1864 war between Denmark and the Austro-Prussian alliance?"
                                                         "Sounds interesting,what rules are we using ?"
                                                         "Basically Necromunda rules!"
Rules from a long time ago.

Honest this was the play sheet.
                                           And so we gathered at Colin's country estate in downtown Garvald to play a game based around the battle of Overselk on the 3rd,February 1864.This evening's encounter involved the bullied Danes fighting the soon to be bullied Austro-Hungarians(this time by the Prussians).
The town (or city) of Schleswig

Meine galanten Jungen

                                 Colin was taking the part of the picked on Danes as he wanted to get his newly bought and painted figs onto the playing field.Dave O'Brien in his infinite wisdom made me commander-in chief so that he would have somebody else to blame for his shortcomings and that he did.
The plucky Danes definitely in need of some Carlsberg.

Danes to the last.
                                                  The game apart from some plucky Danish hand to hand went just as the real battle did with the Danes being chased from the field but at least I had a chance to play with the very colourful Austrian figures.
My Jagers

Lining up the artillery.

Charge number 1-success!

Charge number 2 -not so successful.
                                                           The rules we used were Warhammer Blood and Iron rules from a long time ago in a galaxy far away,which were Games Workshop standard rules adapted for the 19th century.At least they were easy to comprehend and didn't really need any explaining as the mechanics were the same-Move,Shoot and hand to hand.
"Your facing the wrong way!"
                                                            In this game the overall commander writes down his orders so unless the aries are fired on they must keep to the original orders.To make it worse Dave had added a random weather rule as since at the real battle snow covered the ground.
More f'ng snow!
                                                         My valiant forces entered the field with the intention of taking the town and moving half of my forces round the town in order to capture our second objective mainly a hill.
At last my supporting cast arrives.

"Do you like my white jacket?"
                                   On arrival on to the board my infantry advanced towards the town only to be met with gunfire from Danes hiding in the buildings.My plucky Austrians just fixed bayonets and charged into the buildings eventually dislodging the defenders.The second part of my infantry didn't have it so lucky as after assaulting another building were forced to turn tail and head for the table edge.This also resulted in their supporting artillery following them.
About to be rebuffed.

Legging it Austrian style
                                             Once again Dave's forces were struggling to find room to maneuver as their orders were to bypass the town and head for the hills.When they eventually moved around the outskirts of the town they were blinded by snow and were prevented from seeing Colin's Danish guard approaching on their flank which was weird as his artillery were getting picked off and his infantry were turning a blind eye to their suffering.It was amazing as Colin was having some good random rolls of the dice meaning the snow was helping his lads but hindering ours.

And now Colin's defenders are off.
                                                    Our supreme commander Field Marshall Gablenz decided to pay us a visit to inspire his troops but found himself joining Dave's infantry in a retreat to the safety of the town.
The Field Marshall arrives.

Just in time to be shot at.

Colin's pretty ineffectual cavalry.
                                     Colin after charging Dave's artillery and decimating them found himself on a ever decreasing spiral as his forces one by one were finding themselves heading for the rear at a rapid rate of knots with having insult added to injury by the loss of one of his commanders.Ach well he was dressed in a ACW Union uniform anyway.
No its not a flamer just measuring the effect of canister.

Dave's forces eventually open their eyes.

"Should have gone to Specsavers."
                                               Just as I brought my cavalry on in their best finery ready to charge Colin in the back it was decided to call a halt to proceedings and prevent the Danes any further embarrassment.
A little bit of hard graft.

The glory boys arrive.

Saved by the end of the final whistle.
                                      A great game played in the best sporting manner apart from my subordinate who kept on whinging about snow and lack of movement by my infantry and even blaming bad dice rolls.I am sure he'll do better when Bismark comes a calling.
                                            The Danish figures were provided by Colin Jack and alll the Austrians were provided by Dave O'Brien.Scenery was all provided by Colin along with a delicious chilli once again from Nigella's cookbook.